Welcome to the Salmo Valley Fund, the community endowment fund dedicated to serving the communities of Salmo and Ymir, BC, and the surrounding rural areas of RDCK Area G.

As a proud affiliate of the Osprey Community Foundation, the SVF has two functions: we accept and invest donations from individuals, groups, and businesses who wish to leave a permanent legacy for our communities, and we grant out the earnings from those investments to serve local charities and non-profits. This infographic shows how it works.

The current endowed value of the SVF is just over $141,000. We hope that community members and businesses will help us make to $150,000 soon!

2021-2022 General Granting Session Now Open

Our annual fall granting session is now open! This year we have $10,000 available to support charities and non-profit organizations in the Salmo Valley.

Additional information is available under the Grant Applications tab.

Looking Back on 2020

The Salmo Valley Fund had a busy 2020: in addition to running our regular granting program, we worked in partnership with the federal government and Community Foundations of Canada to disburse over $10,000 under the COVID-19 Emergency Community Support Fund program. Through this program, we were able to support the Youth Centre and Community Resources Society in delivering COVID-safe youth and family programming.

We opened our usual fall granting program in October and are pleased to announce over $8,000 in funding for the following projects:

  • Trails maintenance with the Salmo Valley Trails Society. Most funding that the SVTS can access is earmarked for new trail construction, so the SVF can fill a need by helping to pay crews to maintain the wonderful trail network that has been built.
  • Regional housing strategy programming through Salmo Community Resources Society. Workshops will be held to help assess and address concerns around housing needs in the Salmo Valley.
  • Indoor recreation equipment at Salmo Secondary School. In an effort to provide more activity options for students, the SVF funded the purchase of table tennis equipement.
  • Outdoor shelter and heating equipment for the Salmo Ski Team. This gear gives ski hill users options for safe, comfortable physical distancing during COVID, and should prove useful in years to come.
  • Student employee funding for the Salmo Valley Public Library. Student hires are important in helping the library provide expanded programming to the public.

Thanks to the Salmo Valley Fund steering committee for taking the time to review applications and make decisions. This year, we were fortunate to have help from: Virginia Stockdale, Maureen Berk, Jack Janssen-Steenberg, Mike van Wijk, Maureen Gagnier, and Kurtis Paddison.

Thanks also to the Village of Salmo for acting as a sponsor to applicants who are not registered charities. This greatly increases the reach of the Salmo Valley Fund in our community and helps direct funding where it is needed.

2020 Donors

As it has annually since our inception, the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation has again provided flow-through funding to the Salmo Valley Fund to support our granting program. This year, they have contributed $1,600.

Laurie Read, and Mike van Wijk and Sally Whitman continue to make regular donations to build our community’s endowment.

We appreciate Kootenay Savingsā€™s ongoing support, and the support of all who choose to donate!