Welcome to the Salmo Valley Fund, the community endowment fund dedicated to serving the communities of Salmo and Ymir, BC, and the surrounding rural areas of RDCK Area G.

As a proud affiliate of the Osprey Community Foundation, the SVF has two functions: we accept and invest donations from individuals, groups, and businesses who wish to leave a permanent legacy for our communities, and we grant out the earnings from those investments to serve local charities and non-profits. This infographic shows how it works.

The current endowed value of the SVF is just over $141,000. We hope that community members and businesses will help us make to $150,000 soon!

2022-2023 Granting Season Now Open

Our annual granting program is now open for applications. We have $6200 available this year to support local charities and non-profits. Please visit the Grant Application section for additional details and application forms.

Looking Back at 2022

Our steering committee looked at the wide range of projects last year and decided to support the following:

$1500 to Salmo Community Resource Society for Community Early Years Child Health Fairs. These events are held in both Salmo and Ymir and help connect parents to service providers as well as providing social and activity opportunities.

$1000 to Salmo Community Resource Society to support Seniors’ Connections Zoom Coffee Group. This program has proved valuable to local seniors during COVID, the reason it was started, but has also been beneficial to folks with mobility constraints. 

$500 to Kootenay Emergency Response Physicians Association to support program delivery in the Salmo Valley.

$1000 to Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy to support Science 2 Go programming. This program provides STEAM kits that parents can take for use with home education. 

$1000 to the Salmo Valley Public Library to help fund acquisitions for the digital book catalogue.

$400 to West Kootenay Environmental Centre Society to support Farm to Friends programming in the Salmo Valley. This program delivers fresh, local food to low income families throughout the region.

$768 to the Salmo Ski Team to support paying an assistant coach.

$2000 to Salmo Elementary School PAC to purchase educational kits for outdoor nature programming.

$2000 to the Salmo Valley Trails Society to fund trails maintenance.

Thanks to the Salmo Valley Fund steering committee for taking the time to review applications and make decisions. This year, we were fortunate to have help from: Virginia Stockdale, Maureen Berk, Jack Janssen-Steenberg, Mike van Wijk, Maureen Gagnier, and Kurtis Paddison.