Welcome to the Salmo Valley Fund, the community endowment fund dedicated to serving the communities of Salmo and Ymir, BC, and the surrounding rural areas of RDCK Area G.

As a proud affiliate of the Osprey Community Foundation, the SVF has two functions: we accept and invest donations from individuals, groups, and businesses who wish to leave a permanent legacy for our communities, and we grant out the earnings from those investments to serve local charities and non-profits. This infographic shows how it works.

The current endowed value of the SVF is just over $143,000. We hope that community members and businesses will help us make to $150,000 soon!

2022-2023 Grant Recipients

The Salmo Valley Fund is pleased to announce its 2022-2023 grant recipients. We distributed just over $5000 to seven different projects, helping with everything from youth development to seniors support to facility upgrades.

This year’s recipients and projects are:

  • Salmo Valley Trails Society— wage supports for trails maintenance program 
  • Salmo Valley Public Library— shelving for youth book collection 
  • Salmo Elementary School PAC— funding for essential supplies to support children in need
  • Salmo Ski Team— training support for junior ski coach
  • Salmo Supportive Housing Society— support for fitness classes at Salmo Valley Estates
  • Salmo Community Resource Society— assistance with seniors Christmas meal delivery
  • Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy— support for adult writing workshop

As always, we thank the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation and Columbia Basin Trust for their founding support of our endowment.

Help Us Grow

We are proud to have helped close to two dozen organizations in our area since we started in 2011 and, with additional financial support from generous community members, we know that our impact could be even greater.

You can help build this legacy for our community by making a contribution today. This can be as simple as a one-time gift or a modest monthly donation, or it can be through planned giving and estate bequests. Click the donation button above to explore the options!