Our steering committee was pleased to receive a great variety of grant applications this past fall: Submissions addressed everyone from young children to seniors, and covered diverse areas such as food security, sport and active living, and literacy. We were fortunate to be able to award just over $8,000 in grants and to fund all requests fully.

The projects that the SVF is helping to fund this year are:

  • Trails maintenance with the Salmo Valley Trails Society. Most funding that the SVTS can access is earmarked for new trail construction, so the SVF can fill a need by helping to pay crews to maintain the wonderful trail network that has been built.
  • Family tech literacy programming with the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. The SVF is funding the purchase of programmable robots that will be used in STEAM programming, which is offered to families with children aged 6-12, at the Salmo Valley Public Library.
  • Seniors Dinners with Salmo Community Resource Society. This program brings together seniors for affordable, monthly communal dinners.
  • Batting cage at Lions Park. Multiple funders have come together to help Salmo Baseball build a batting cage to aid local youth players in developing their skills.
  • Updating the reference collection at the Salmo Valley Public Library.

Thanks to the Salmo Valley Fund steering committee for taking the time to review applications and make decisions. This year, we were fortunate to have help from: Virginia Stockdale, Maureen Berk, Jack Janssen-Steenberg, Mike van Wijk, Maureen Gagnier, and Kurtis Paddison.

Thanks also to the Village of Salmo for acting as a sponsor to applicants who are not registered charities. This greatly increases the reach of the Salmo Valley Fund in our community and helps direct funding where it is needed.

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